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About Us

Hello Friends!

My name is M. A Bhat and I am from India. I have been doing research on internet for the last more than a decade on various aspects of internet marketing.

After developing a clear concept about the internet marketing and how does it work, I am now writing blog posts. It includes all areas of digital marketing with accurate and practical information that works.

I have trained many persons having a passion for internet marketing who now work as a team under my guidance and leadership.

If you are not able to do it even after learning and gaining knowledge, we are here to serve you. You may consult us to get help in any area of marketing and develop your brand in the digital world.

Marketing resources areĀ  available here for you but you have to focus on one parameter at a time, learn it and then move on to next one. You have to adopt a strategy to achieve your goals. However, you have to be patient at the same time as well.