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How to discover good expired domains- a step by step guide?

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What is an expired domain?

How to discover good expired domains- a step by step guide?

Expired domains are the domains registered by the individuals or organizations which used to point to an IP address and hence a website in past but not now. Anybody can re-register these domains.

One can reuse these domains to point to a new IP address and hence a new website.

When not renewed on due date, the domain names expire. Immediately all the services linked with the domain disable.

There are various reasons for it. Firstly, the negligence exercised by the webmaster who forgets to renew the domain in time. Secondly, the domain owner may lose interest in the business leaving his site in running condition. But  since the owner might have built traffic, the site runs of its own.

Thirdly,Trademark infringement may sometime result in the domain termination.

You can take advantage of expired domains while starting a new web business. If the expired domain is having pre-built traffic, you can rebuild the site or redirect this traffic to your existing site (using 301 redirects). This way you may enjoy the fruit of others hard work.

Also, You can use the expired domains for building a Private Blog Network (PBN).

In addition, you can sell the domain at higher price without doing anything else. This is called as Domain Flipping.

The only thing you have to do is to separate good domains from bad ones. It will take you sometime but the time invested shall certainly be beneficial at a later stage.

How to discover good expired domains- a step by step guide?
How to discover good expired domains- a step by step guide?

Finding a good expired domain somewhere on internet and getting it at a less price is a fortune. It is equivalent to saying to pick up gold from the road side abandoned by previous owner who do value it anymore.

Those who understand Search Engine Optimization and importance of relevant backlinks understand the value such domains.

The backlinks from the Authority Sites (having similar content) are always relevant and increase search engine rankings of your domain.

This results in giving your site a higher amount of organic traffic having a higher conversion rate. This SEO traffic consists of real humans and not the robots.

There are a lot of websites and services selling expired domains. You can buy an expired domain in an auction or otherwise on net.

But word of caution that the domain should not have been banned by Google or black listed on internet.

The expired domains are very popular and could be beneficial if chosen carefully taking all advisable precautions.

What are the precautions to be taken while buying expired domains?

Before you consider an expired domain fit for your business, you must check out the following factors to reap full benefits from it.

1) Check the Domain Authority (DA) and the Page Authority (PA) using relevant tool like Open Site Explorer which affect rankings on search engine results. DA and PA were introduced by Moz. Your domain should score at least 25 points and more in the scoring metric.

2) Check the status of your domain in Google using Google Banned Checker. There are various factors that count for banning a domain by Google. This includes the keyword stuffing, duplicate contents, using robots and linking to adult or banned sites.

Check properly to ensure the domain has not been banned by Google.

You have also to see if the domain is safe for running Google Adsense Programme using Adsense Sandbox Checker.

Put your URL and click on preview ads. If google displays ads, you are safe otherwise not.

3) Go to and see the full domain history to ensure the domain is having a clean background. You would get the information regrading what the site was all about in past. You can see a live website of that time. Wayback Machine is an excellent tool to dig the past of an expired domain.

4) Check if domain is having the social media presence where customers engage to get information about a particular product or service.

A domain must send a social signal while checking its backlinks because having social media presence is good for domain ranking.

How to discover good expired domains- a step by step guide?

5) If the previous domain owner of the expired domain has resorted to spamming, avoid such domain and move ahead in your search. You domain should be having a Trust Flow (TF) of 15 or more to consider it safe for buying.

6) You must also track the Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Trust Flow (TF) depends upon the quality of backlinks and Citation Flow (CF) relies on quality of links so called the link juice.

The domain with a TF Score of 15 and TF-CF Ratio of 1 are safe to consider and beneficial. The value of TF and CF for a domain varies from 0-100.

7) Do some digging and find out if the domain is having a bad reputation or something questionable. See what the existing audience is speaking about it preferably in a forum or comments left somewhere.

8) Using you can check for Chinese backlinks. Avoid domains having Chinese backlinks and Anchor Texts written in different languages.

9) It is equally important that domain should not be in alliance with bad practices like malware and malicious code in past.

How to buy an expired domain name?

When you register a domain name for a specific period (1-10 years), you are leasing it not owning. In other words, you are not the owner of the domain you pay domain registration fee for. You are simply the domain owner.

How to discover good expired domains- a step by step guide?

There are following ways to acquire an expired domain on internet.

1) Within the grace or redemption period usually of 1-30 days, the Registrant can renew domain name but for a higher price usually an additional $100 for a .com domain.

2) After expiry of redemption period, the domain ownership is forfeited. A message goes to those who are waiting and had expressed an interest in buying the domain. This process is called as backordering.

3) If no body backorders the domain, it is put to auction that usually lasts for 7 days. The domain in the auction goes to the highest bidder. A good domain in the auction usually fetches a higher price.

4) An expired domain which is not sold in the auction goes back to Registry. The domain ownership goes to the person who buys that domain. Such domains are called as “Closeout Domains.”

5) An expired domain which is dropped from the Registry is deleted. An organization or a person who first finds it available for registration can register such domain in a similar way as an afresh domain. 

Some Technical Terms in use in Domain Industry are as:


“It is an Authorized Organization that registers the domain names.”


“It refers to a person or a Company/Organization that buys a domain name and holds it for a specific period.”


“It is the Company that sells the domain names on the behalf of Registrar.”


“It is an Organization that preserves the record of domain names.”

How to know when a domain name expires?

You can easily see when a domain expires by using WHOIS lookup tool. This will give you the information like domain registration date, the date when it will expire, present domain owner and his contact details.

There are number of websites providing WHOIS lookup to dig the ownership of the domain.

The WHOIS Tool is useful for Law Enforcement Agencies to explore the domain holders while investigating Spamming and Phishing. That is why this information which stands verified remains open to all.

However, Domain Privacy feature hides this information from the open public. For this the Domain Holder has to pay a certain fee towards the Registrar to activate this facility. Still for legal purposes, Domain Registrar has to provide this information to the Investigation Agencies.

What are the benefits of acquiring the expired domain names?

Buying an expired domain may give your website a concrete Domain and Page Authority. You need not  invest the hard work, time and bags of money on it. You may start driving organic traffic from search engines to your website without much promoting the site.

The SEO done with the backlink profile already built now you need to utilize somebody else’s efforts wisely to get benefits. That is the whole game. One thing very serious build the website on the same niche it existed previously or else your project may not bring the desired results.

For instance, You come across a building material domain and you are interested in it. It is advisable to rebuild the site providing any or all the materials used in construction. Do not use the domain for any other niche.

If you use the domain for medical agency, people will of course visit your website. But they will return with disappointment for they are looking for building material not medicine.

This is so because previously the website associated with the domain has been promoted for providing building material. Therefore, the traffic has been generated accordingly.

You have to put lot of efforts for switching backlink profile to other niche and change the whole pre-built profile. It would be as equal to as booking a fresh domain and starting from zero.

Hence to make expired domains a success, you have to be careful about your niche while driving traffic to your site. You have to make this traffic buy from your site.

So first of all select a niche, then buy an expired domain exactly on the same niche. Next build a website to start your online business. Hope there is no confusion.

Searching for a good expired domain on your niche is far far better than registering a new domain. Only you have to make certain checks and proceed with your mission.

In addition, the expired domains may represent an established brand with good Global and Alexa Rank. A Good Trust Flow, Trust Metric, Citation Flow and Page Rank Quality are other benefits.

You should understand the organic traffic driven by the expired domains are potential buyers. In other words, the actual human beings and not irrelevant software clicks. This is the outstanding benefit of these domains.

The websites of expired domains have pre-built online trust / credibility and Popularity.

Where do I find expired domains?  

The is the number one place on internet to gather information with regard to expired domains. This portal updates information for hundreds of expired TLDs on daily basis.

You can pick up and backorder any domain you like before these domains are again made available to the general public.

You can also check huge list of deleted or dropped domain names which are open to public and can be registered at a normal price.

The also puts information like SEO data, backlink profile, first registration date etc. with each domain.

You can use their Domain Name Search Tool to search the entire domain list instantly. Using filters you can narrow down your search results reaching your desired domains.

The domain names containing keywords are more relevant while purchasing.

This is due to the fact that search engines give priority to such domains while displaying search engine results for keywords. A good SEO profile is backing the selective expired domains.

Expired Domains Marketplace

Moreover, there are dozens of other market places offering you the expired domains. Just type your keywords in Google and get the relevant information in front of you instantly.

A few tips on choosing the domain. It must be short but best describing your business, easy to type and remember, not be difficult to spell and should be having keyword(s) in it. It must not contain any digit, hyphen or special character. Also, choose your domain with domain extension appropriate for your region.

To know more about domains, here is an article regrading What you should know about a domain or domain name?

It is advisable to book your domain for at least 10 years. If needed, transfer it to the Registrar having good online credibility to stay on the side of safety.

How to discover good expired domains- a step by step guide?

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