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How to make your website search engine optimized?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques:

How to make your website search engine optimized? Before going into details to know this practice, I would like to define Search Engine Optimization. The search engine optimization is a process of making your website search engine optimized and obtaining laser targeted organic traffic from the search engines depending upon your keywords used in the source code of your web page, title and Meta tags. 

A keyword is a word (s) that the internet user types in the search box of any search engine getting millions of sites listed instantly having the typed keyword in them.

How to make your website search engine optimized?
                                                      How to make your website search engine optimized?

Now question is how the search engines place the sites in order of importance listing at no. 1, 2, 3, and 4 and so on and so forth. Every marketer makes his best effort to get listed on page 1 and on the top.

Back links

It is simple, there are certain criteria that engines follow to list the sites. Most important is the number of back links pointing to your site. The more the number of back links to your site, the higher your placement in the search engine results & consequently more targeted traffic to your website. But before you start building your back links, search engines should come to know about your site.

How to make your website search engine optimized?
                                              How to make your website search engine optimized?

You have to follow the below mentioned Search Engine Optimization techniques to get your site noticed by search engines. In addition to do’s, I have also pointed out some don’ts. So read carefully & do exactly what is instructed.



(1) There should be keywords in the source code of website, title and Meta tag. Source code you may know, if not let me explain it briefly. It is the code in html language which after uploading on net makes your website.

You may edit or make changes to your site in the source code & upload it to get an updated site. But your primary keyword should be placed first followed by others in order of importance. Try to keep only 40 keywords in the source code of your home page.

How to make your website search engine optimized?
How to make your website search engine optimized?

Title is what your site is all about. It is the line of text that is programmed into your web page. It appears at the top of the browser in the top left hand corner. To make it more clear log on: you will notice in the top corner of your browser- Web Analytics Made Easy. This is the site title for

The site title is of extremely important as search engine gives a lot of importance and value to what you have written in your site title. It should be 66 characters in length (9 words) (as loved by Google Internet’s largest Search Engine) and words should be related to your site.


You cannot put words like “quality jackets” in the site title if your site is about home business. You need to put at least one keyword phrase in the site title and if possible secondary keyword phrase.

Your keyword density should be around 22.2%, so that your page title reflects high relevance to your keyword. Best is to put a combination of your keywords in the site title, put most important keywords in the beginning of the title. But do not repeat words in the site title.

(2) Use header tags and place primary keyword within those tags. The header tag should be placed towards top left of web page. This tag could be a title for your contents on your website.

Header tags are represented by H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.


For instance, if you use the title for your website contents as: ”Internet business”. Then html code to make this title is:- “Internet business” Remember you have to put your primary keyword in place of “Internet business”

(3) Now you have to create header tag, you may use your secondary keyword. (Keyword second in importance) and create it in a similar way. This header can be a subheading for your website and you have to place it in top half of your webpage.

(4) Now let’s move on to Meta tags. Meta tags are pieces of programming that are not visible to human beings on the web pages. However, they are seen by search engines and is one of the criteria to list the sites in search results. To insert Meta Tags into your html source code, you need to utilize the services of a web programmer.

Meta name description

Let’s talk about now of keyword Meta Tags. As already explained keywords are the words typed by an internet user in the search boxes to find a product or service he is looking for. Your keywords should be related to your website product or services.

The keywords should be carefully chosen, having less competition but average or high market. This means if people stand in need of a particular product or service which is not available them, you can start a business using the keywords for this product or service.

How to make your website search engine optimized?
                                                      How to make your website search engine optimized?

For instance, If there is a good market for “how to start an internet business” and no one is providing a solution to the people and if providing that is not quality solution or that is tough to understand, You can easily do some research for how to start an internet business, will gather the information, make an e-book, set up your website and sell the product.

You will be getting a high profit from this e-book on how to start an internet business as there is already a market i.e.; people ready to buy it. So before you chose your keywords, you have to look if there is a market for the service or the product you intend to do business of.

The keywords are put in an area called Meta tags by the programmer. Try to put about 43 keywords in your keyword Meta Tag, totaling to 263 Characters or so.

(5) Now comes the turn of Description Meta Tags. Meta Tags have already been talked of. Meta Tag Description is 1 to 2 Sentence description of your site which comes up in search
engine results.

The Mata Tag Description should be up to 100 Characters (12 to 20 words in length) containing as many Keywords as possible depending upon the length of keywords. Maintain the keyword density around 28.5%.

(6) Now the contents of your website. The contents should be Original, relevant, fresh and more focused on the product or service you are selling. Do not use some other site’s content. Above all, website content is the king.

website content

Search engines will not crawl it and hence no indexing of your Site. Instead you should use your own original content written tactfully and should be of convincing nature. Search engines love the fresh content and index fresh and text rich content sites quickly. Use the key words and key phrases in the natural language. Make sure that you put your primary keyword in the very beginning of your web page and at the very end of your web page preferably after the copy right information at the end of your web page. To make it more clear see this- © 2020 copyright your primary keyword

If your primary keyword is “home business”, then it becomes as:-
© 2020 copyright home business

Put the keywords in the top most portion of the web Page. The higher, the better it is. Write your keywords in the starting portion of your web page and beginning of text as search engines read first the topmost words from left to right (first 120-200) of a webpage while listing the search results for a keyword or key phrase.

Do not use navigation links in the top left of your web page. Even if there is a necessity to use the links in top left, put the navigation links slightly below in top left of your webpage to better optimize your webpage for search engine ranking.

Do not waste this place for posting your address, phone number or e-mail ID. I have observed a number of sites committing such blunder. In body content ensure more of keywords on top than on lower portion of web page.

Put at least one primary keyword per 1-2 paragraphs depending how large your web page is. Use your primary keyword in your URL & in more than one headline or bold type. Also use your primary keyword at least 3 times in your image ALT tags.

Your primary keyword should appear 2 times as a link on the home page. You need to maintain 6-15% keyword density (optimization achieved) in the body of the site depending upon the body contents of the web page. One an average one should write about 600 words using 10 keywords throughout the body contents.

Use bolded primary keyword(s) anywhere in the body of web page. You should bold some keywords only one time each.

Use image tags and place primary keyword(s) within that tag. Use a few images in your web page do not leave it without the images. This will help you in ranking well in search

Add an alt image tag to the very top image of your web page. (Header of your website).The html code used to add an alt image tag looks like:

<img src=”picture.jpg” width=”453” height=”76” alt=”primary keyword”>

Add other two images using your secondary and tertiary keywords keeping other factors constant as above.

(7) The search engine does not read graphics like logo, images, pictures, photos etc. So do not be nervous about this.

(8) Do not use frames on your website search engines do not like them and also your website becomes heavy and the download time is considerably increased. For other reasons you may use; especially in web pages other than home page.

(9) Do not repeat the words in the body content of your website. This is called spamming and search engine will penalize your website for this.

Suppose you are using a keyword say “home” in your site contents. You can use it 6 times in your site & that too in scattered manner. Using it more than 6 times is spamming. So is the case with your other keywords.

(10) Neither use too small text font nor your text should be of same color as background color of web page (Hidden text).

(11) Do not use too much amount of keywords in your web page.

(12) Your website should load very fast in any browser. Try to keep download time not more than 20 seconds on 28.8 kbs modem.

(13) The file size of your home page should not be more than 40 kb.

(14) Website should be ready and completely developed at the time when Engine spiders it. Engines do not index sites under construction.

(15) Do not put the symbols like &, %, =, $ and ? in URL of your webpage.

(16) Web pages containing .asp (active server pages) at the end in the URL’s are mostly not indexed by search engines.

(17) Avoid cloaking on your web page because cloaked site are not indexed.

(18) Do not submit your home page excessively to search engines for spamming reasons. Also stay away from submitting the same web page from many domains or same page from many hosts.

(19) Never use redirection services; you should submit your original URL to search engines for indexing and listing. Domains pointing the internet users to other domain name are sometimes disqualified from indexing and hence no listing in search results.

If a sub-page of a website is ranking in the first page of Google search engine, It can be easily outranked, If we focus on the same keyword in our website and build our business on this keyword.

Let me explain it. Say site is ranking well for the keyword “internet scams”, we can build a website on the main keyword “internet scams”.

By doing this, above site can be easily outranked and we can jump ahead in the ranking. It is an easy game- winning guaranteed.

(20) You should carefully choose your web hosting company. If your hosting company also hosts porn sites & spammers, then it is quite possible that your site will also be banned from indexing as IP address of hosting machine will be the same. Remember search engines ban IP address of spammers and pornographers. Search engines do not index hate and illegal sites.

(21) Make a text link using words related to the web page. This text is called as anchor text. Also text links must contain keywords.

(22) Use plural of keywords. Say if your keyword is “jacket” use “jackets” instead, this way people finding jacket or jackets will find you.

(23) Boosting your Alexa traffic rank. Install Alexa Toolbar on your computer and browse your site often. Doing this you can get your website an Alexa traffic rank near 1, 00,000.

(24) Do not put only links & graphic images in your webpage but in addition your page should be content rich and content need to be original-your own-self written.

(25) Submit your site on monthly basis to all major search engines. Do not use automatic submission software in submitting your website repeatedly or else your website may get penalized.

(26) Establish more than 1,000 back links pointing to your website.

(27) Do not put more than 20 links to other websites on any one link page. There are different categories of Resources like Arts, Business, Computer, Internet, Home business etc. which constitutes your main links directory. In each directory there should be a max. of 20 link pages & in each link page , there should be a max. of 20 links to other sites.

For example, If we talk of Home business, the home business is your main links directory. When we click this directory, It should take us to a page containing max. of 20 link pages like Link page-1,Link page-2, Link page-3 up to Link page -20.

When we click any one link page say Link page-1, It should lead us to page containing a max. of 20 links to other websites. Strictly follow this organization of links to give your site a professional look.

(28) Use words/text in front of images to convey a message to your visitor.

(29) Update your site frequently with fresh content, the search engine like the most.

(30) Cut down the number of “/’s” in your URL.

(31) Pay close concentration to the internal linking structure in your website. Use the anchor text containing your main keywords while linking to other web pages within your website from home page. This linking strategy is directly related to the authority of a web page, 95% of web masters do not know.

So if there are 100 websites for a particular keyword, trust me you have to compete with only 5 sites, rest outranked automatically when you take this critical step of internal linking strategy.

Google Ranking
How to make your website search engine optimized?

(32) Place links of your most important web pages of your website in external websites.

(33) Put more legible text in words and less html on each of your web-page.

(34) Be patient for a few days to let Google to index your web page and its consequent listing. The more pages search engines indexes from your site, the more are the chances that your site will be seen in search results. However there is trick/top secret to get indexed soon! Read carefully the following.

How to get your website Indexed by Google in a few days?

Go to and type the broadest keyword with regard to your business in the search box and click go. It will come up with millions of websites for that key word. Note the sites having Page Rank of 7 or more. Contact their owners and request for a link exchange. Do it professionally and they will agree to put your link on their websites.

You should put their link on your site before a link back request. But since your site is brand new, it is a bit difficult to get back links from these high traffic sites. In that case you may purchase links from high page rank sites like- or

Keep your link on these sites for 1-4 days. Check out regularly if your site is indexed. Once indexed, you can delete the link paying no more for it. To check indexing, type your website address in the search box of Google and click go. If your site comes up in the search results your site is indexed. Congrats! And it will…..

How to make your website search engine optimized?

Well there is a free method to get your brand new site indexed by search engines. You need not pay even a single dollar. Put your website address (Link) on any or all of the following high page rank websites for free and check after 3-5 days your site would have been indexed-guaranteed. PR-9 PR-8 PR-8 PR-8 PR-8 PR-8

Off-page optimization factors

Off-page optimization factors are more important than on page factors. Most of Internet marketers do not understand it properly and pay attention only on on-page optimization factors. In fact it is the bunch of off-page factors that affect your ranking in search engines. When you go for off-Page optimization factors, consider the following factors paying full attention to each of them.

1- Number of websites that link back to your site.
2- Domain Authority, Page Authority of the websites that link to your site.
3- Site title of the websites linking to your site.
4- The anchor text used in the link that link back to your site.
5- Number and type of websites linking to the website that link to your site.
6- Number of the outbound links present on the website that link to your site.
7- Total no. of links present on a website that link to your site.
8- The websites linking to your site are Authority sites or not.
9- The IP address of the website linking to your site. And much more…

How to make your website search engine optimized?
                                             How to make your website search engine optimized?

In order to optimize your website for the primary keyword, you need to analyze the off-page optimization secrets of at least top 5 ranked websites for that keyword. Suppose you have selected a keyword XYZ for your online business what you have to do is simply find total no. of websites for the keyword XYZ in the Google search engine and note the top 5 websites.

Say 5 top websites are:-

Now for each of these sites, you have to analyze the above mentioned off-page optimization techniques. We will deal here with and you have to repeat the whole exercise with the other top 4 websites.

(1) That which websites link back to site-1. To find back links simply type link: in the Google search box and click go. Whosoever is linking back to it, the number will be shown in the search results. You can count the number of back links displayed clearly at the top right portion of Google web page.

(2) Google page rank of the websites linking to site-1.The page rank is defined as the importance assigned to a web page by Google. It is directly proportional to the no. of websites linking back to it hence also called popularity.

(3) The page title of the sites linking to site-1. As already instructed, It is extremely important to use your primary keyword in the title of your website. Also the sites linking to it will be having the primary keyword in their titles. Must check!

(4) The anchor text used in the link that is linking back to site-1. Remember that anchor text is the only most crucial factor for ranking well in the search engines. You have to use the same primary keyword of your website for creating the anchor text linking back to you from other websites. For example, if your primary keyword is “money making”, you need to use the same words for creating a link back to your site from other sites. Upon clicking such text link (anchor text) the visitor should reach to your website.

Anchor text

(5) Number of links linking to the website that is linking back to site-1. For example, there are many 10 sites linking back to site-1. Out of these ten sites pick up one site and find the total no. of back links to it using Google search engine. As already taught, to find the no. of back links in the search box and click go. It will show the no. and name of sites linking back to it. Do it as instructed. Suppose this no. comes out to be 15.

(6) Number of outbound links on the website linking to site-1. Out bound links are the links that point to other websites not to the pages within the same site. Suppose this number comes out to be 18.

(7) Total number of links on the website that is linking to site-1. This includes outbound link plus inbound links. Inbound links are the links that point to other web pages within the same website. Let the no. of inbound links in a website be 5.Therefore total no. of links =15+18+5=38

(8) The websites linking to site-1 are Authority sites or not. Authority sites are the sites that have high search engine ranking, have lots of unique content and have high page rank. In other words, these are the most preferred sites by the search engines.

(9) The IP address of the websites linking to site-1.Use this free tool to find out the IP address of any URL. You must get back links from different IP addresses in order to globalize your business & Google loves this very much.

“In order to rank well in the search engines, you have to analyze the above mentioned off-page factors of top ranking websites so that you will come to know what criteria these sites are using to rank well on page-1.

Try to get the back links from the same sites the top ranking sites are getting from. There may be some secrecy in this & you will get high relevance and subsequent search engine traffic.”

Let me tell you 95% of webmasters do not keep this knowledge of SEO what I have taught you in this tutorial.

Of course it will manually take some time to analyze these factors. Therefore, you can use a software that will do everything for you very quickly but this tool you have to purchase. It is not free. Visit: Seoelite

Whether you do it manually or by software does not matter. What matters, you should do it. Take interest in your work and take it seriously. In conclusion, do it and jump higher in the search engine results.

How to make your website search engine optimized?

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