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What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing?

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What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing? Here you will learn everything about Internet marketing to help you get relevant and targeted traffic, leads and customers.

Whatever is your business and its size, internet marketing today is for you. You can reach your targeted audience using online marketing methods which are not costly. But you need to understand the concept of Internet marketing thoroughly first.

What is Internet Marketing and what are its strategies?
What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing?

Internet marketing is a process of promoting your business using internet that brings in for you the traffic, leads and finally customers.

Internet marketing is a broad term involving a range of marketing techniques and strategies. This includes content marketing, email marketing, SEO, video marketing, social media marketing, paid ads and much more.

What is Content Marketing? How does it differ from Offline Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing?

The content marketing is the biggest marketing strategy used nowadays in place of internet or online marketing.

“Content marketing is defined as the marketing process that involves creating a valuable content and publishing it over internet that attracts audience, giving them benefits, retaining them and finally making them customers”

The content marketing also called as inbound marketing is opposite to traditional marketing or outbound marketing. Today’s generation prefer internet to get information, chat or buy something.

Most of people hate ads and put on ad blockers in their phones or computers.

Ads irritate us, isn’t it.

Why Should we Buy Something from Someone, until we Need it Badly to Solve our Problem?

Traditional methods of marketing are dying. They, no longer, work. I would like to illustrate traditional marketing methods by taking TV ads as an example.

Mobile internet has brought an end to TV, hence and end to marketing through TV ads. People love to watch videos on any dam thing on YouTube now.

Traditional ads has been in use for a long time in past, but internet has put a full stop to it as things are shifting to online now. People do not like to get bombarded with ads. As a matter of fact, they need a solution to a problem or fulfill a need.

For this, they simply do a research on internet and satisfy with a particular product or service they stand in need of. At this point, content marketing comes into play which addresses to their issues and solves their problem.

Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing educates, motivates, guides or provides a solution to the problems of a particular group of people who are looking for it. Whosoever, visits internet can find specific information or a product or service at his liberty and will from a wide range.

If something valuable is published on internet, people love to read it and share it among their friends and groups. Social media has a key role to play here and such informative posts go viral and reach millions who are already online.

Credibility and Authority establishes and connections take birth. People also love to come back to such online resources and a relationship is developed.

Gradually, visitors turn customers. It is a two way process, where both take the benefit. You give value and some benefit to your website visitors and in turn, you get benefited by way of sales you generate.

What is the Need of Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is proving a grand success for everyone who uses it accurately, the way it works. Some of the facts gathered from internet about internet marketing:

Now, it is more than 400 billion dollar industry. More than 90% of businesses have already adopted it as an effective way of doing online business.

It is 60% less expensive than traditional marketing and pulls in three times more leads and hence a boost in sales.

Importance of Blog

Using a blog and posting valuable and informative posts on it boosts the lead growth as compared to your competitors who do not own a blog.

The Google likes and loves blog pages and posts and gives them a good rank in search results, thereby sending more targeted traffic to website.

In short, content marketing works. Those who do not pay attention to it usually fail in online business.

However, merely reading the marketing strategies and not applying them will not help. You will never understand how it works. You need to learn, implement it and see what works. Testing and moving ahead with what works for you is the key to success.

Getting a degree of internet marketing will not help until you put knowledge into action.

Types of Web Content

Content brings miracles, when it is good enough for the readers. Good content never fails in attracting leads and customers. It works just like a sales person, motivating the visitors and converting them to customers.

Articles and Blog Posts

One of the most significant content types is articles and blog posts.

Articles allow you to put down a signature at the end of the article carrying your website URL that points to your website taking visitors there.

A blog is an online journal that allows you to write many posts and pages carrying useful content each pointing towards your website URL.

Each blog post and page functions like roots of a tree. The roots pull water and nutrients and send it to the tree for growth and development.

Similarly, each blog post and page at different places in the internet world pulls visitors and sends them to your main website for its growth and development.

Your website experiences a huge targeted traffic, leads and customers. In this way your business expands.

One of the best examples of blogging content where tons of useful information is created and shared to educate marketers is Content Marketing Institute. As a result, people follow them and attend events & training to learn new marketing strategies.


Info-graphics are the visual representation of information, knowledge or data. They use images, charts or graphs for communicating the valuable information clearly and quickly.

Example of info-graphic: The Mystery of Yawning (Source: Venngage)

The Mystery of Yawning


A podcast is a digital audio file spoken by a person that can be downloaded for listening the episodes later.

If you are a good orator, you can use podcasts for sharing useful information with your audience.



The video marketing is the method of content marketing wherein marketers use videos to promote their products or services. In this way, the audience is engaged in simple but effective way to drive traffic, leads and sales.

The videos are entertaining and easily digestible by the user. The videos catch the user’s attention; creates a personal connection, making him more confident while buying online. Also, the videos are shared more than text and images.

YouTube is the biggest online video service where you can upload your videos for free and later monetize it also. According to a survey, about 600 million hours of video is consumed on YouTube per day.

The marketers use videos as part of their promotion campaigns for their business or brands usually on the social media engaging a specific group of people.

It is estimated that video marketing is 600% more effective than email or print media.

There are mainly four types of video marketing including Educational videos, Product or services videos, Testimonial videos and Company culture videos.

Neil Patel is the Internet marketer making most of his video content.


An e-book refers to an electronic book consisting of text, images or both. Some define it as a digital version of a book. It is read in PDF format on electronic devices like desktop computers, laptops, iPads, tablets or smart phones at one’s comfort.

E-books are easily available online and can be purchased easily and instantly. No tension of going to an offline market and buying it traditionally there. Moreover, e-books are sold at lower price.

Usually internet marketers give away a free e-book containing useful information from their websites. All you have to do is to register with their website and download it instantly.

The e-books educate prospective buyers on a particular topic or brand and spread awareness. E-books furnish the complex information to the reader but in a more digestible manner. This results in increasing the brand visibility.

The internet marketers write and design e-books as a type of content marketing material. The marketers intend to promote their products or services using e-books. In the process, they capture leads and later on work on them to convert them to customers.

According to an estimate, about 34% of marketers use e-books as a form of content marketing to promote their business.

A well written e-book with a nice design containing useful and embedded content has the potential to send continuous and targeted traffic to the company, hence a successful marketing trend.


A webinar or a webcast is an online conference held to educate the selective people on a brand or topic through their computers using internet.

In a webinar, the expert delivers lecture using audio, videos, power point presentations or web pages to make things clear to the audience. The attendees may ask questions to the speaker in real time to clarify doubts.

The company organizes the event not only to educate people but also to motivate them and make them eager to know more. As a result, they are made to refer to a website where they take further action in the interest of the company.

Webinars are nowadays common to make audience buy various digital courses. Most common e-courses that are in demand are on topics like Web Designing, SEO Techniques, Digital Marketing etc. Webinars are one of the very successful content marketing methods.

During a webinar, the speaker motivates the audience and they feel protected and satisfied. Additionally they are offered a huge discount at the end of the event, hence take an instant action. The audience turn customers as they think they have nothing to loose but everything to win.

Webinars work great for the marketers and brings in leads and sales. Webinars gain more and more popularity to promote an online business as the marketers pull huge money out of this. The webinars are usually free to attend but sometime you have to pay.

Case Studies

It is another form of content marketing. It refers to a comprehensive study of some action in business that resulted into an enormous success in a particular situation.

To promote your business or brand, you must reveal the secrets of your business in the form of a case study to your site visitors.

You must disclose what you did and exactly how you achieved success in your business. This content marketing type is highly effective developing trust and online credibility, if you provide some proof to your audience.

What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing?

Social Media

In today’s world huge number of people are active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. They are looking for information, chatting, surfing, making video calls, buying products etc.

You have to find a specific group of audience having some problems or needing some specific information. Accordingly, you have to target such audience technically, placing your content in front of them getting them engaged and making them follow you.

Videos are very promising to promote a business product or a service. People on social media love videos, feel more secure and do respond to such content confidently.

They take it further, in other directions of internet by sharing such content among their friends. This results in generation of leads and of course sales later, if your content is really good.

Likewise, your ad on social media must be appealing making people to take action.

Requirements For Internet Marketing

Now you are ready to give a start to Internet Marketing. You might love this marketing method just to be creative & share your content with the masses. In the process, you will also build credibility and relationship with the customers.

But you can’t start it with shut eyes. You are supposed to know its basics, do it, test it and continue with it over and over again to get success and be expert in the field. This includes:

Your Goals

This is very important. You should be having a direction where to go and what are you looking for before starting the journey.

Your Brand Persona & Target Audience

You should know your audience before you address to them while creating the content. If you don’t target the right audience, they will not pay attention and hear you, hence you may not success.

You have to be different and unique in the crowd of marketers. Otherwise, you will be just among those who are struggling and getting nothing.

Researching the Right Keywords

Once you understand the why and who of marketing, you need to deal with how. How means how you reach your audience? What information they are looking for? What are their problems?

You need to do a research on keywords to appear in search engine results and find a niche your audience is interested in. When the needful is done, you start creating the content.

Focusing on the Content

What would be the type of your content and how often will you post? Where you will publish your content? You have to look for a platform so that you write quality content after regular intervals.

Creating the Content

Once you have discovered a niche, researched the keywords and a target audience, you can create the content. Content is the king on a website. If your content is not unique and useful, you would simply waste your time.

If you are good at writing, do it yourself and If not, hire a content writer or a ghost writer who will do it for you. In either case, you should publish the best content. Content includes text, images, audio/video, power point presentation etc.

Promoting the Content

The promotion part is more vital than the creation. You have to choose the right marketing methods so that your content reaches to all the directions on internet.

You have to have a social media presence and fans following you so that they further share it and help you spread it even farther.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the process of making your website search engine friendly so that people can locate it in search engine result pages. When correct SEO techniques club with content marketing, you go even farther. You start driving organic traffic to your site with better results.

SEO consists of many techniques which help you come on top of search engine result pages (SERs). Your visibility increases on internet. People find you easily by typing keywords in search engines when they look for some information or need help with regard to a particular topic.

Goal of SEO

The eventual goal of SEO is to rank your site on first page of Google for it is a bitter truth that people hardly go to second page.

Why should people move to second page, when first page satisfies them? So every marketer’s dream is to rank on first page and not 2nd one.

As regards some basic SEO techniques, you should place your keywords carefully in Headings, Subheadings, Content and Meta Description so that Google finds your site and understands what it is all about.

You should design your site professionally. It should also be easy for the visitors to navigate your site and find what they are looking for.

Regarding the URL structure, it must be simple, clean and easy to read. You should not use the URL’s like . Instead it should be as simple as

These are among a few basics of SEO. We have a detailed post regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on our blog.

What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing?

Paid Advertising in Internet Marketing

No doubt, people who find you through Google search results shall visit your site. In this way, you get an increase in conversion rate and hence good click-through rates.

But we recommend that you should go with paid advertising at least initially when you have a new site to get traffic, leads and sales. Simultaneously, you should promote your site to get more back links so that with time it develops authority and starts ranking on Google.  

Once you drive good traffic from Google and other search engines, you can either stop paid promotion of your site and rely totally on organic traffic. Or, you may continue with paid ads to draw more benefits using the keywords in your ads for which you don’t rank on Google.

Learn what works and continue with that. Change your ad copy heading, content, or the color and see the difference. Do experiments with your ads to get returns.

Of course, combination of content marketing, organic traffic and paid traffic gives you more leads and sales.

Patience and Dedication

Internet business takes time to establish like any traditional business. Nothing will happen overnight. Internet will do no magic to your business. You have to work hard on your business using effective marketing strategies and wait for the right time to get returns.

It takes years together for an online business to give profits. You have to be patient and add fresh, unique and useful content to your blog with dedication and consistency. Here both quality as well as quantity matters. Google loves articles and posts with lengthy text and prefers them in search engine results. Your content must be having good readability.

Work hard on your website promotion. Keep quality of your brand or business maintained. Do not cheat anyone. Develop online credibility and trust.

With time, content marketing develops thrust and momentum and you start getting fruit of your hard work.

Moreover, high quality content becomes popular with time. People appreciate and love to read useful content and share it through multiple platforms. This results in increasing the Google rank of your content. As a result, your site reaches more and more people through search engines.

What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing?

Now How to Start the Game of Content Marketing

Having understood the concept of content marketing and how does it work, now is the time to start the game.

Set Your Goals

Set your goals as what to achieve from the internet marketing within a stipulated time frame. Take out you pen and jot down clearly your measurable goals. Think clearly where you have to go and what to achieve.

In case, you need some guidance on how to set your goals, you can do a little research on Google to move further. Set up your website, if you don’t have one.

Secure Some Space on Internet

To run an online business, you need some space on internet to create content, share content, gather leads, interact with your customers and drive sales.

Therefore, to achieving the set goals, you need a website which must be search engine optimized, easy to navigate, attractive, interactive and appealing to visitors to take action.

Start Internet Marketing Strategies

Once the goals are set & well recognized, set up a website. Next, you can go with your internet market strategies. Broadly discussing internet market strategies, following six actionable steps are essential.

  1. Researching Your Audience & Brand Persona Development.
  2. Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization Techniques.
  3. Niche Finding and planned Content writing.
  4. Content Creation.
  5. Building Your Community.
  6. Content Sharing on Social Media.

Each step is of paramount importance and needs its own planning and actions to be taken to make it work.

I will never recommend skipping any step. No doubt, it takes time, efforts, planning, patience and teamwork to get results.

What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing?

Power of Content Marketing

If only one post or article is liked by people, they will certainly share it. Consequently may start ranking in search engine results.

Such write-ups may get viral and you won’t imagine what impact it would leave on your whole blog or website. The audience will certainly follow you and you would be their leader.

The moment, you start a casual approach while solving their problems, the audience will leave you and you will be straightaway neglected.

Firstly, you have to be creative while writing your posts. Secondly, you have to post regularly after the same interval to benefit your readers and make them follow you.

What is Internet Marketing or so called Digital Marketing?

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